Prapassorn Puangsamlee, Ph.D.

Prapassorn Puangsamlee, Ph.D.
Doctor of Philosophy in Music
Assistant Lecturer
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2015 – 2017   Doctor of Philosophy in Music, College of Music, Mahidol University

2011 – 2013   Master of Arts Program in Music (Music Education), College of Music, Mahidol University

2007 – 2011   Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Business, College of Music, Mahidol University

2004 – 2007   Pre – College Program, College of Music, Mahidol University


2018 – 2020             Lecturer, College of Music, Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

2018 – 2019            Guest Instructor, Accompaniment Skill II College of Music, Mahidol University

2018                        Flute Teacher, Dolce Music School, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

2013 – 2014            Part-time Teacher: Flute lesson/ Small Ensemble College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand

2009 – 2015            Flute Teacher, Music Campus for General Public (MCGP) Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 – 2015            Flute Teacher, Music Campus for General Public (MCGP) Seacon Square, Bangkok, Thailand

2008 – 2012            Flute Teacher, Mahidol Witthayanusorn School, Salaya, Nakhon Phathom, Thailand

2008                        Flute Teacher, Wararat Siam Konlakarn School, Bangkok, Thailand


2019 – present          Flutist, Amadeus Symphony Orchestra, Jakarta, Indonesia

2015 – present          Flutist, Alure Flute Ensemble

2017                         Piccolo/ Flutist, Chiang Mai Philharmonic Orchestra (CPO)

2012 and 2016         Extra Flutist, Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra (TPO)

2007, 2010, 2014  and 2019        Flutist, Mahidol University Pop Orchestra (MUPO)

July 15, 2016            Performance:  “มหกรรมกู่เจิงเฉลิมพระเกียรติ”, The National Theatre, A Lure Flute Quartet Ensemble, Thailand

January 12, 2016       Performance: “The Inner Dream Concert ll”, Music Auditorium, College of Music, Mahidol University

January 10, 2016       Performance: “Flute Studio Recital”, Siam Ratchada Auditorium, Fortune Town

October 9-11, 2015    Workshop/Performance: “Thailand Flute Festival 2015”

May 22, 2015             Performance “Flute Duet”, College of Music, Payap University

April 4, 2014               Performance: “งานวดลอยฟ้า จิตตนคร”, Royal Paragon hall, Siam Paragon

September 1, 2013    Performance: “MU Flute Studio Recital”, MCGP Siam Paragon

April 3, 2013              Performance: Thich Nhat Hanh Thailand Tour

2012                          Performance: “Siang-Nanachart Flute Ensemble Concert”

October 7, 2012        Performance: “Wisuwat Pruksavanich Saxophone Recital”, Music Square Siam Discovery

2012                          Flutist, Amass Chamber Ensemble, Thailand

2011                          Flutist, “Cleopatra the Musical”, College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand

2010                          Flutist, Southeast Asian Youth Orchestra and Wind Ensemble (SAYOWE), Thailand

2008 and 2012         Flutist, Mahidol University Orchestra

2007                         Flutist, Anarzia the Musical, College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand

2006 – 2012             Flutist, Mahidol University Wind Symphony

2006                        Flutist, “PIPPIN” the Musical, Bangkok University

2004 – 2005            Flutist, Mahidol University Symphonic Band


2014                     “Thai Pop Songwriting Contest 2014”, Mahidol University Pop Orchestra

2013                      Plum Blossom Vol.2 “Plum Village Song for Practice of Mindfulness”

2012                      “Winds of Salaya”, Mahidol University Symphonic Band


August 30, 2018                  Flute Workshop Kaengkhoi School

April 2, 2018                      Workshop Topic: “Music Element” Saint Gabriel’s College

November 1, 2017               Workshop Topic: “Music Element” and “Musicianship”

YAMP Symphonic Band’ Camp

October 18, 2017                Workshop Topic: Musical Basic for Early Childhood LarnYaMo Kindergarten School

October 17, 2017                Workshop Topic: “Music Element” Rajamangala University of Technology Isan

October 16, 2017                Workshop Topic: “Music Element” Marie Vithaya School

April, 2017                         Workshop Topic: “Music Element”

Yala City Municipality Youth Orchestra’Camp

July 18, 2016                     Workshop Topic: “Music Element” PianoForte Music School

June 19, 2016                    Workshop Topic: “Music Element” and “Musicianship”

Suksanareewittaya School

May 4, 2016                       Workshop Topic: “Music Element” ศูนย์อบรมครูกิตติพาการดนตรี

April, 2016                         Workshop Topic: “Music Element”

Yala City Municipality Youth Orchestra’Camp

May 22, 2015                     Flute Workshop, College of Music, Payap University

2012                                Flute Workshop: “Siang-Nanachart Flute Ensemble Concert”


2015                               Flute Masterclass with Jasmine Choi, Flutist

2015                                Flute Masterclass with Sarah Newbold, Flutist

2012                                Flute Masterclass with Robert Aitken, Flutist

2011                                Flute Masterclass with Carol Wincenc, Flutist

2010                                Flute Masterclass with Raphael Leone, Piccolist and the former Flutist

2019                               การอบรมผู้ส่งเสริมการเล่นเพื่อการเรียนรู้ในเด็กNational Institute for Child and Family Development, Mahidol University

2018                                Julien Beaudiment Ensemble Coaching, Thailand

April 29 –


April 18-20, 2016                The Dalcroze workshop, Thailand

March 13-16, 2016              The Dalcroze workshop, Singapore

April 2, 2013                      Andrea Ostetag, Orff methodology, “Musicality in dance – our body as an instrument”, Thailand


October 2, 2017- 2018                   Graduate Assistant, Southeast Asian Directors of Music (SEADOM)

January 23, 2016                 Organizer, “แนะแนวดนตรีศึกษา” College of Music, Mahidol University

September 19, 2015            Organizer, “สัมมนา: การพัฒนาดนตรีศึกษาในประเทศไทย” College of Music, Mahidol University

2015                                Facebook: web page administrator: Thailand Flute Festival

2012               Business Manager, CD Recording: “Wisuwat Pruksavanich: Hard Fairy”

2010               Marketing and Coordinator: Siang-Nanachart Flute Ensemble, Thailand

2009               The Chief of Special Project “Eng-Chang the Musical”, Music Business, College of Music, Mahidol University

2007               Public Relation of Special Project “Hansel and Gretel”, Music Business, College of Music, Mahidol University

2004              Back Stage, Asian Symphonic Band Competition 6th (ASBC), College of Music, Mahidol University


2013              Oral Presentation National Institution for Child and Family Development (NICFD) 21-22 March 2013, Bangkok, Thailand


2018   Puangsamlee, P. & Fyr, K. (2018). Benefits of listening for harmony on the performance of wind instrument beginners. Malaysian Journal of Music,7,  100-116.

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