Child and Adolescent Clinic

One of the most importation missions of the National Institute for Child and Family Development is to serve diagnosis, treatment, and encourage child development from the beginning to adolescent in order to take care and preserve immediacy.

Clinic Services




  • Evaluate child developmental and provide counsel on behavior problems, developmental problems, parenting guidelines and encourage child potential.  
  • Provide diagnosis and evaluate children with delayed development and child with special needs and also include giving the advice to enhance child development by emphasizing parent participation.
  • Give the advice to enhance child development according to DIR/Floortime. 
  • Evaluate child development with standardized tests 
  • Promote child developmental through playing according to DIR/Floortime in children with autism, delayed development, and intellectual disabilities.
  • Provide demonstration of methods and give the advice to parents on how to enhance child developmental at home.
  • Provide evaluate, enhance, therapy and rehabilitation in children with normal and delayed development and special children according to the scope of the occupational therapy and give the advice to parents and other people who work with children.

School Age Clinic, this clinic is for counseling about good mental health in school age, solving problems guidelines, lack of motivation, learning disabilities and other learning problems. 


  • Provide diagnosis and evaluate children who have learning problems, crusty, anti-behavior, enuresis, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depression, behavior and emotion problems and also giving the advice and enhance parent participation. 
  • Provide intelligence, learning, and adaptive behavior evaluation and giving the advice to parent on behavior and learning problems.
  • teaching

Adolescent Clinic, this clinic provides services for adolescent and families and also includes Mahidol University’s students. We teach them on learning, relationships, adaptation, emotions, and behavior in order to develop them to adult with life skills in changing society.


  • Provide diagnosis, evaluate, counsel, promote, therapy, rehabilitation, and prevention on the problems caused by physical and mental in both normal and risk groups and also the group that needs to be treated.
  • Transfer the knowledge about the adolescent in various fields. Both inside and outside Mahidol University. Moreover, we have cooperation with the Student Affairs Division through the MU Friends Project.  
  • Provide services to Mahidol University’s students.

Lectures – Expertise

Assistant Professor Kaewta Nopmaneejumruslers, M.D.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician


Dr. Patcharin Seree

Expert in Psychological Aspects of Children with Special Needs


Assistant Professor Panadda Thanasetkorn, Ph.D

Expert in Positive Discipline Techniques


Dr. Kannika Permpoonputtana 

Expert in Occupational Therapy

 Child and Adolescent Clinic Staff

Malirome Hasdinrat


  Senior Professional)

Koonthaleeporn Amornchaiyapitak

Occupational Therapy

Orapin Lertawasadatrakul


Pornpimol Suksringam


Prapa Maisook

Child Development Officer

Chompunuch Sumalrot
General Officer

Tamara Sumalrot 

Service Process