Doctor of Philosophy


Doctor of Philosophy (Human Development)
(In the Process of a Curriculum Development)Ph.D. (Human Development)

Course Highlights :

Emphasize on human development throughout the ages in an interdisciplinary approach

Rational Criterion :

The National Institute for Child and Family Development, Mahidol University has a Master of Science Program in Human Development and in 2002, we taught the first-generation students and continues to accept the new student to the present. The institute realizes the importance of developing the Doctor of Philosophy program in Human Development and we plan to open this course in 2020.

The purpose of this program is to produce the students with knowledge and understanding of human development in each age. Moreover, they can integrate knowledge from many disciplines such as psychology, biology, neurology, sociology, education, technology, law, and policy in order to lead to the development of academic knowledge or policy advocacy. Also, they can design a human development innovation for a child, adolescents, adult, aging or families, in accordance with the current changing world and finally they can be an academic leader or policy advocacy on human development in a holistic way.